Pitching stories to TV news programmes: 2 minute how-to

So you think you’ve discovered something that would make a good television story to get you or your organisation some great exposure, maybe even swamp your website with customer enquiries? Now all you’ve got to do is sell the idea. But where should you start when pitching stories to TV news programmes? This two minute video from Associated Press (AP) is a great primer.

Although it’s from the US, the principles of pitching stories to television are pretty much universal – and of course AP is a global news agency.

The question of how to pitch television came up recently as a LinkedIn question. People think pitching to TV is just the same as pitching print media, but as you can see from my brief answer here, there are lots of specific considerations required for televisual stories.  Have you successfully pitched TV news or any other TV show? Tell us how you did it in the comments section.

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