What I’ve done


Rather than list everything I’ve ever done, below are six snapshots of assignments that show the scope and variety of my work. The complete picture is in my CV. If you’d like a copy, contact me here.

Six ways I’ve added value

  1. Acted as communications advisor and coordinator for a global business NGO, including management of communications agencies in Beijing, Washington, London and Brussels
  2. Equipped 25 middle and senior managers of Sony Corporation with the skills needed to markedly improve their media interview performances
  3. Produced and publicised research reports on business performance improvement for a large management consulting firm
  4. Interviewed chief executives of companies owned by Europe’s largest private equity firm. Created feature-style articles used in a comprehensive brand perception improvement programme
  5. Planned the launch of a seemingly dull industrial material with a topical story peg that secured national media exposure and new customers for a well-known European steel manufacturer
  6. Created a bespoke workshop on social media for the board of a London-based executive search firm

Despite what some ‘digital evangelists’ might want you to believe, public relations is still about listening, dialogue, relationships and reputation. Many of the legacy PR activities are still relevant and important but we consultants have clearly had to adapt.

Increasingly my work is alongside others who specialise in search marketing, SEO, website design, social media, influencer marketing, video production, attribution analysis and other digital niches.

This gives me with a thorough understanding of what’s possible from the neutral perspective of sitting above any siloed thinking.

I also occasionally work with trusted partners who bring complementary skills and experience, when needed.

It’s important to point out that I offer both advice and implementation – in the UK, main EU markets and further afield.

Ask me. If I can’t help, then I’ll say so.

I never accept work I can’t handle effectively.

And if I can’t help, I’ll probably know someone reliable who can.