How to create B2B sales leads using Twitter


I really like how a freelance Dutch creative duo used Twitter to get noticed and ultimately hired by a hard-to-reach group that happens to spend a lot of time on Twitter: creative directors in advertising agencies. Naturally, I’d prefer you not to leave this site but the video isn’t available for download; its creators clearly want you to visit their Vimeo page. Here it is: Winning business with Twitter

Despite this, there are still plenty of people who remain unconvinced about the possibility of generating B2B sales leads using Twitter. If you’re one of them, half an hour spent browsing the marketing website B2B Bloggers should be enough to answer any doubts, starting with articles like this one.

And if you still have doubts, do some further reading on Google’s latest moves to include social media activity in search results. This blog entry by Seatle-based search software firm SEOMoz explains what’s going on and why.

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